Historic Oakdale Ranch

Historic Oakdale Ranch – Wedding Venue – Yolo County, California

The Historic Oakdale Ranch is home to the second oldest working ranch in Yolo County. The 400-acre ranch is located on the outskirts of Esparto, California, at the gateway to the beautiful Capay Valley. The Stephens Family has owned and operated Oakdale Ranch since 1852.

We have three main locations for our weddings:

The Walnut Orchard

Historic Oakdale Ranch – English Walnut Tree Orchards

Our vast English Walnut Tree Orchards is primarily used for either ceremonies or receptions. Rays of sun light glaring through the walnut trees provides a wonderful setting for a ceremony, and by night adding hanging twinkling lights to the trees offers a great setting for a reception. You can’t go wrong with either option.

If you have an interest in an Orchard wedding, our English Walnut Tree Orchards start blooming in April and they fully bloom in May. However, our orchards are still regularly used for weddings during the rest of the year as well.

The Pond

Historic Oakdale Ranch – Beautiful 2-Acre Pond Wedding and Grass Lawn Reception Area

Our second wedding area is a beautiful 2-acre pond. Connected to the pond is a grass lawn area that we use for both weddings and receptions. This area is particularly scenic and well-loved by all of our guests. The pond also includes a gazebo area for your caterer’s needs such as running water, electricity, counter top space and shade. Not to mention that our lawn is also equipped with water, electricity, an arch way, and two running fountains in the pond on both sides of the lawn.

You will find our pond is conveniently located near one of our parking locations and across from our orchards. Many of our guests will choose to do one part of their wedding at the pond and another part in the orchards.

The Barn

Historic Oakdale Ranch – Large Rustic Wedding Barn

Our third and newest area is our large rustic barn. This large barn is the real deal as it offers a true country feel. Don’t be fooled though, this space is capable of being transformed into quite the space. You can give your wedding a true rustic farm feeling or dress it up a bit to make it country chic. This space is all up to the beholders imagination.

The back half of our barn is still used for farming, but that doesn’t stop us from helping our brides transform the front of the barn into the wedding they have always envisioned. With the help of our new rustic wood dividers, 3 large rustic door panels used as props and backdrops, we separate the two parts of the barn while adding a secluded area for caterers.

Our rustic barn can be used for either a ceremony or reception, and it has a front patio that is great for cocktail hour. Another plus is that it provides access to close parking as well.

Our venue also offers great perks such as our quant bridal suite, our red farm house for bridal party photos and the bridal entrance with our refurbished classic Chevy Bel Air.

Our event area is perfect for parties of up to 300 people and has convenient parking.

While the area is available from March to October, spring and fall events are especially popular due to the moderate Yolo County climate.

For more details and photos check out our website at historicoakdaleranch.com. You can also reach out to our Event Coordinator Chelsea Herrmann at oakdaleranch@hotmail.com to find out pricing or schedule a private tour.

17785 Co Rd 86A
Esparto, CA 95627

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