Lincoln Avenue

Welcome to the jewel of the Yolo Eats venue collection – Lincoln Avenue. We are so grateful for your interest in this special place of ours. Visitors often leave the transporting immersion of Lincoln Avenue that takes them to another part of the world. It is a venue of luxury, exquisite details in each room design and yet also built for comfort and convenience to give people the ultimate experience to remember. We are dedicated in providing the highest quality of service and strive to produce one-of-a-kind special events. In every stage of the planning process, we can step in and take over, so your custom-built celebration tells your story.

kim james

Lincoln Avenue was originally a church and was built in 1948. Sometime after that, the city of Woodland purchased the building and turned it into the Senior Center and it was utilized this way for many years. In 2009 the Morgan Family purchased the building from the city, renovated it and completed the renovations in 2010

“We moved and enlarged the kitchen, added a full bar, a club room, enclosed the entry way, enlarged the bathrooms, added an outdoor patio and added four fireplaces. This particular building had been on our radar for years. When it came up for auction by the city we jumped at the chance to purchase it. We really didn’t know what we would turn it into but knew it had great potential. As we completed the renovations we started the dream of Yolo Eats – bringing good food, good service and great atmosphere to our town of Woodland. Maria’s Cantina was the first place we opened, then Morgan’s on Main, Morgan’s Mill and now sharing this beautiful building to be used as a venue setting. Weddings, parties of all kinds, conference services – any type of gathering where people want to be in an upscale professional atmosphere. It is important to me to be able to share this gathering space. I want people to come and make it their own and be able to appreciate the fact that we created a special place. Someone once said to me “I can’t believe this is in Woodland.” I know they meant it as a compliment but I’m going to say to you – Woodland will surprise you. It always brings me joy to show people around this town, especially when they have no idea what we have to offer.”