5 Wedding Movies You Must See if Planning a Wedding

1. Father of the Bride

This is one of my favorites, but learn from this movie!  Make sure your venue is large enough for guests to move around!  Make sure all of the important people in your life are present for all of the special moments!

2. Bridesmaids

This points out why it is important to surround yourself with friends you can count on! In the long run!

3. Bride Wars

Not sure how many of you have a best friend planning their wedding at the same time! But remember, as long as you are both marrying a man you love, at the end of the day you get married and you still have your best friend by your side…the rest isn’t all that important!

4. My Big Fat Greek Wedding

Everyone will have opinions about your wedding, your dress, your hair, etc! But, as long as you and your future husband are happy! It will forever be your SPECIAL Day!

5. The Wedding Date

This movie makes a few different points! First, remember your wedding day may cause others stress as well! Second, when alcohol is involved be careful you never know how things will turn out! And lastly, sit back and relax and enjoy a movie that will make you LAUGH!

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